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Ooooh, hello there, fancy seeing you here. Well if you are reading this, you have clicked on my web link, or you have taken  a wrong turn somewhere, either way, thank you first of all :). My name is Nikki Clarkson, I have a strange and curious mind, with some strong controversial views. Some might call me mad, some might call me a conspiracy theorist, some might call me a genius (maybe that’s just me). No matter how you view me I am honest and frank in giving my views and opinions.
I once heard someone say “offense is just a matter of taste”. That statement is very true, we live in a free world where we can think what we want, and it got me thinking, why are we all so afraid of saying what we actually think? Scared of offending people, or that someone will sew us for saying the “wrong thing”. I created this book series to give my honest and frank opinion on subjects that are close to my heart and to create a positive outlet for my views and hopefully create conversation amongst people.
If you have any complaints about any of my personal views in these books, want to launch a law suit against me or give me general abuse please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Or if you feel so enraged that you wish to write me a letter, get your pen and paper, write me a big long letter to abuse me and shout at me, post it into any rubbish bin anywhere, and I will get it.


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